North Bay Construction Corps of Sonoma County

There are two Chapters of the NBCC in Sonoma County. They are located in West County (Analy High) and Rohnert Park (Rancho Cotate High).

Training The Next Generation of Construction Workers

There are two Chapters of the NBCC in Sonoma County. They are located in West County (Analy High), and Rohnert Park (Rancho Cotate High).

  • The Rohnert Park Chapter is led by Coordinator Cole Smith.
  • The West County Chapter is led by Coordinator Joe Maloney.

Here is a sample of topics and certifications offered during the program:

  • 1st aid/CPR certifications
  • Forklift/Scissor lift training
  • Chainsaw Safety/Maintenance
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Basic Welding
  • Basic Roofing
  • Resume & Interview Skills
  • Plan/Specification Reading
  • Basic Concrete Tools & Techniques
  • Ladder/Scaffolding Safety
  • Landscaping
  • Compressors & Air Tools
  • Construction Math
  • Introduction to Electrical, Framing, Sheet Metal/HVAC & Plumbing

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“I like how hands-on the program is…they really give you the experience that you need. They bring in people from the industry that are there looking to hire people like you, and put you in touch with people that you really need to start your career. I can see a future in construction.”

Cole Gradek, Healdsburg Chapter 2019

“The North Bay Construction Corps has given me the opportunity of a lifetime. This program has taught me not only professional skills that I will need for the future, but also construction skills that relate to my future. Working towards being a structural engineer, this program gave me the opportunity to learn more about this field and has given me a good foundation for my future career.”

Lauren Williams, NBCC 2019 Graduate, San Francisco State student

“Ever since its inception 3 years ago the North Bay Construction Corps has strived to instill the importance of a good work ethic, good attitude, and soft skills with our students. This is constantly being reinforced by the contractors that introduce their various trades to them every week. To see them readily accept these skills and then use them is very rewarding. By the end of our program, our students are ready to make an immediate impact with any company that hires them.”

Terry Pagni, Healdsburg Chapter Coordinator

“Over the past few months we have made a good number of new plumbers, carpenters, laborers, and electricians to help fill our local need. And best of all, we have given these students a direction that can keep them in our county as hard working members of our community. The Construction Corps is without a doubt the best program for preparing students for the next step that I have seen, and it will undoubtedly get better year after year.”

Cole Smith, Rohnert Park Chapter Coordinator

“I have seen this course in a short amount of time bring hope and excitement to our students. They see a path in which they can earn a living wage, through real world applications presented by industry partners. Our team emphasizes both soft and technical skills alike, and I believe it is giving students a glimpse of what their future could hold here in Sonoma County. The North Bay Construction Corps has filled a void for these students that was not being satisfied in a traditional classroom, and I look forward to hearing about their careers in the years to come.”

Drue Jacobs, Sonoma Valley Chapter Coordinator

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